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Are your actions really consistent with your religious beliefs and your love of country?

March 31, 2011 3 comments

Are your actions really consistent with your religious beliefs? Are your actions really consistent with your love of country?

Pontius Pilate with JesusWhile I attended the Bradley Manning protest in Quantico, Virginia, the crowd was chanting “free Bradley Manning. However there was a woman who was yelling “kill Bradley Manning”. I approached her and asked her why she was saying that. She said that he was a traitor. I then asked her if she was Christian. She responded that she was. So I asked her how she could reconcile the fact that she claimed to be Christian, and yet could stand in a crowd and yell for someone to be killed. She responded by saying that I was probably pro-choice, but I was not about to let her redirect the conversation from what she had said to another one about what my beliefs might be. She became flustered when I asked her again how she could reconcile her actions with her professed beliefs. I then told her that if she had been present when Pontius Pilate presented Christ to the crowd and the mob was yelling at Christ to “crucify him”, based on what I had observed she would have been right in there with them. She just walked away.

Pledge of AllegianceLater I saw a man in the crowd who also was yelling “kill Bradley Manning”. So I asked him why he should be killed. He responded that Bradley Manning was traitor and should be shot. I then said that I thought this man I was talking to loved his country and he responded that he did. My next question was what it was that he loved about this country and he did not have fast answer. After thinking about it for a short while, he said that we are free country. So I asked him if he loved our constitution and he responded that he did. Then I asked him HOW he knew that Bradley Manning was traitor. He paused again, but finally said he read it in the paper. I then asked him if he knew WHO had originally accused Bradley Manning, and he said that he did not. So I then asked him if someone accused him of being a child molester, did that make him one? He responded that it did not because he had not been tried yet. Then he paused again and I believe that he saw where this was going. I looked at him and asked if he had been accused of being a child molester, would there be a mob calling for his execution. He looked at me and simply walked away. This man professes his love of our constitution, yet would deny a person the most basic right in our constitution that says you are innocent until proven guilty.

So on this day I met two people who professed their love of their religion and their love of country and yet their actions were totally inconsistent with beliefs that they claimed to have. Did I really reach these people or did they simply walk away to crawl back into their own minds without pondering what has just transpired?

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