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Successful parasites do not kill their hosts

parasitesIn biology there are life forms known as parasites. Parasites are organisms that live off the “life energy” of other host organisms feeding on these hosts to sustain their own existence. These parasites cannot live without the “life energy” they take from the host and are therefore totally dependent on them. A host is an organism that is capable of surviving on its own and therefore represents a food or energy source for the parasite. Generally if the host dies, the parasite will also die making it not in the interest of the parasite to kill its host. Even if the death of the host does not cause the death of the parasite, it will keep them from being able to further exploit the host.

So why are we mentioning biology in reference to economics? It is because there are parallels between economic and biological systems that can help to illuminate what is presently happening on our economy. In our economy we have 2 classes of people, the PRODUCERS and the PARASITES. The producers are people or business entities that create things that can be sold or exported. These people create wealth. These people can be likened to the hosts in biology. They create wealth (life energy) and are capable of surviving on their own. Examples of the jobs or sectors that have these people include manufacturing, mining, software, movies, timber, agriculture and others. Again what these people have in common is that they produce goods or wealth for the economy.

Parasites on the economyThen we have the parasites in our economy. These are people that cannot survive without the producers. Not all parasites are bad, many do provide useful services such the delivery of goods to markets, and as well as other services needed by the producers, however they still require producers for their sustenance. However there is one class of parasites that include bankers, financial analysts, stock brokers, pit traders and others. These financial people are parasitic because they survive by manipulating the hard earned money of producers and skimming a percentage for themselves, much as a mosquito does to its host. THESE PEOPLE PRODUCE NOTHING AND CREATE NO WEALTH. They cannot survive without the money or “life energy” of producers. If there are no producers, then there is no need for a financial sector since there is nothing to finance. Some of these financial parasites have siphoned billions of dollars in bonuses by creating fraudulent financial statements, packaging trillions of dollars of bad loans into securities, and selling these securities to other parasites. These fraudulent activities gave the nation the illusion of wealth, however we now know the truth and we need to end this illusion and take back our nation. They also lied about these securities and sold them to hosts who were wisely putting money away in retirement accounts for the future or a rainy day. Of course not all parasites have engaged in fraudulent activities, however they still cannot survive without the energy (wealth) they take from the hosts or producers. They cannot exist without producers.

In the end, by placing themselves so close to such large amounts of producer saved money, some of these financial sector parasites have enormously enriched themselves and exhibited greed to the point that it threatens to kill their hosts. The worst part of this is that not only will these parasites walk away unscathed, they will end up even wealthier than before. They will have the means to buy up resources such as homes, property, and other goods at firesale prices as the economic downturn continues. They will hunker down in their mansions and yachts to ride out the economic storm, while the producers will be left to twist in the wind. As if this is not bad enough, these parasites resent having to give even a small part of their bonuses to their neighbors to help their hosts recover from the massive number of foreclosures that lie at the very heart of this economic crisis. Many of these foreclosures were not the result of bad decisions, but the result of circumstances beyond their control such as health problems, loss of jobs, falling home prices, divorce, or other factors.

According to Countrywide, based on information from its servicing portfolio — when “cause of foreclosure” is known (80.3%), the breakdown is as follows:

•Curtailment of income: 58.3%
•Illness/Medical: 13.2%
•Divorce: 8.4%
•Investment Prop./Unable to sell: 6.1%
•Low regard for property ownership: 5.5%
•Death: 3.6%
•Payment adjustment: 1.4%
•Other: 3.5%

Rick Santelli greedOf course there is some irresponsibility involved, but as you can see, most of the causes are related to the economic downturn and other factors outside of the control of the home owner. Yet the parasites continue to use the corporate controlled media to feed the myth of the “irresponsible homeowner”. For an example of how some parasites manipulate the media for their own ends, take a look at this video from CNBC and listen to these parasites as they bemoan having to take a small share of their exorbitant compensation and do their share to bring our economy back from the brink they helped to bring it to. Take a look at the speaker in this video and all those around him, what wealth do these parasites produce? Could they survive without the producers? They even have the audacity to believe that they should continue getting their lavish bonuses despite the fact that they have utterly failed the nation and contribute nothing to its wealth.

parasitesThese financial parasites are not finished with you yet. They believe that they are worth more than a base $500,000 salary and that financial companies would not be able to attract their talents for that paltry figure and would suffer because of this unreasonable earnings ceiling. They are busy devising new ways to separate the hosts from their money and collect more bonuses so that they can have more for themselves. (Like they do not enough already?) They know that very few of them will ever be prosecuted for their crimes and will again attempt to create financial instruments to further enrich themselves since they have nothing to lose. They are busy either supporting or soliciting additional government support where even more producer money is used to subsidize their mistakes. The damage that these parasites have done to the nation and this world cannot be calculated. Foreign investors will certainly be far more reluctant to again invest in securities and other instruments that have been created in the United States. This will hurt our nation for decades to come.

There is a difference between bailouts and stimulus.

•Bailouts of the financial system provide producer earned money to the parasites who created this economic mess.
•Economic stimulus however will have at least some of the benefits going to the producers.

  1. SonicArcher
    April 14, 2011 at 9:23 PM

    That creep in the video, Rick Santelli, has his salary underwritten by government bailout money… YOU, PROTESTERS AGAINST BAILOUTS, PAY RICK’S SALARY! And yet, gosh, he’s just soooo angry about his taxdollars going to bail you out, because as he said in his famous “rant,” he doesn’t want to bail out “losers” like you. He just wants losers like you to bail out winners like him. And you know, in a way, he’s right–you really are losers if you don’t demand that Rick pays you back the money he took from you and all of us.

  2. Vegas
    April 16, 2011 at 11:02 AM

    We’re at the scene of the crime, representatives of all the bailed-out companies who helped make this mess are here with me, let’s bitch about the average tax payer getting some stimulus money!

  3. Garrett
    April 16, 2011 at 1:38 PM

    Santelli assembled a small army of half-hearted, floor-trading broheims to cheer and hoot as he rails against President Obama’s plan to not immediately foreclose on everybody and kick them out into the streets, because that rewards “bad behavior,” and clearly what we should be doing is rewarding people who incentivized all the risky lending, because until the house of cards collapsed, things were looking pretty for everybody!

  4. depsipher
    April 17, 2011 at 7:59 AM

    This Santelli guy stands with everything that caused the bank crisis… the banks! He stands for the rich elitists who made billions shoveling crap to stupid investors who just wanted to have a nice retirement. Hell he’s standing on the floor of an exchange!

    Whenever the little guy gets screwed, the rich start talking about class warfare. That’s because, if the people woke up and realized that trickle-down economics, union busting and outsourcing make the rich richer, they’d start coming for them!

  5. Coin Man
    April 19, 2011 at 7:07 AM

    You have it all wrong. The country needs the banks so they can help make business grow.

  6. Johnson
    April 19, 2011 at 11:38 AM

    hey Coin Man,
    You need to stop listening to the lies put out by the media and stop drinking that koolaid. We do not need the banks. We do not need the corporations, it is the small businsses that are ggrowing the economy, and they pay their taxes. If the big corporations all went extinct, it would make room for the next wave of business entrepeneurship and creativity, just like when the dinosaurs died off and made room for the little mammals.

  7. Anonymous
    April 7, 2016 at 6:06 PM

    thank you this helps

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