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Wrong Question!

The people are asking why the state bus mechanic has benefits.

They should be asking why they do not.
Exxon pays NO TAX!The wealthiest pay an effective tax rate of only 17%, which is less than their secretaries, nannies, chauffeurs, and gardeners pay.
2 out of 3 corporations pay no tax at all. Exxon pays no tax! GE received a tax rebate of $1 BILLION! Bank of America pays no tax!

Because the puppet politicians whom they bought, have created a 7,000 page tax code full of loopholes that favor these same wealthy elites.

If these financial elites and the corporations paid their fair share (currently 35%), then the states would not have any budget deficits, the federal deficit would be significantly reduced.

So we need to change the MESSAGE from what programs do we need to cut to pay for the deficits, to how can we make the uber rich pay their fair share.

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