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Student Debt Burden Solution Part 3

From those who need it the most, to those who need the leastIn the first video, we showed you the huge wealth gap between the richest and the average working person. We also showed you how the richest individuals have an EFFECTIVE TAX RATE far below that of a person making only $34,000 per year and how this is creating deficits at both the state and federal levels.

In the second video, we showed you how most US corporations are not paying any US taxes at all, while receiving local services such as police, fire, road maintenance, and federal services such as State Dept. and US military protection. Since the corporations are not paying for these extremely expensive services, this means YOU ARE paying for them! They are taking from those who need it the most, and giving to those who need it the least!

Military fighting for corporationsOne of the responses to this artificially induced deficit is to blame the public worker, the poor, the sick, the elderly, and the pensioners instead of taxing the rich and corporations according to their APPARENT TAX RATE. The corporate media has tried to whip up a frenzy of animosity towards public workers saying they still have decent benefits and the taxpayer has to pay for them. This is a classic divide and conquer where the elites turn the workers on each other as a diversion while they continue to amass huge fortunes and continue to buy the politicians through campaign contributions to write even more tax breaks into the already huge 71,000 page tax code. Instead of the people asking why the state bus driver still has benefits, they should be asking why they do not. Do not forget that it was NOT the elementary teachers and public hospital nurses, and police that caused this economic mess and the subsequent decline in tax revenues. The crisis was caused by massive bank fraud, Wall Street over leveraging, and speculator derivative trading. So why are the victims of this economic mess being blamed and asked to pay for the mistakes of the wealthy elites?

In Great Britain, one reaction to this attack on the working middle class has been the formation of a populist movement that shows there is an alternative to making the poor and middle classes shoulder the costs to pay for the mistakes by the wealthy elites. This movement has changed the conversation in government from cutting services to the middle class and poor, to one where the people are demanding an end to corporate welfare and making the elites pay their full share of taxes. This is happening despite the fact that conservatives are in power in Britain and have tried to impose draconian cuts. The same forces at work in Egypt where people were takinhg their country back from the corrupt elites are now at work in the UK.

In Britain as in the United States, people were also wondering why there was no outpouring of anger at how the rich were getting richer and richer while the rest of the country were enduring extreme cuts in government spending. Well, a group of a dozen citizens sitting at a pub decided to do something about it.

These people discovered that one of the largest cell phone companies in the UK, Vodaphone owed an outstanding bill of over $9,700,000,000 using a lame tax code technicality to avoid paying the bill. Yes that is $9.7 BILLION! With over 200,000 people in London being forced out of their homes because of government cuts, how many people could have beeen kept in their homes with this money? How many student grants would this money have provided? How many cuts could have been prevented? So they called themselves UK Uncut, setup a Twitter account and announced a time and place where people could meet. This is somewhat similar to the “flash mobs” we have been reading about recently. However, these “flash mobs” have a very specific social purpose in mind. They were to meet ahead of time and then on a specific cue, they would simply sit down in front of the store to prevent people from getting in. People who were going to be customers in the store actually joined in when they were explained that because Vodaphone was not paying its taxes, how it would affect them directly.

Banks should pay taxesThe first protest did not receive much media attention, but the protests grew and it was not difficult to get people to join in once the issue was framed that they were paying their fair share of taxes and that Vodaphone was not. The protests then expanded to other large corporations. By relating to other people specifically what it was that they were losing because of the tax avoidance, it was easier to get more and more people involved. This direct relating to local concerns is one of the keys to the success of this movement.

Once the media stopped taking the corporate view, the conversation in the government shifted from what program cuts were needed to how to get these rich elites to pay their fair share of taxes. It is not difficult to see how this will help college students from becoming victims of even more cuts to education. In fact a similar organization called US Uncut, has been started in the United States and has already held events across the nation.

So, what can you do to make this happen in the United States?

1. Read this compelling story detailing the rise of the movement in the UK.

2. Visit the US Uncut website.

3. Read the call out on the US Uncut website and either join an event or start one of your own.

So, are you going to continue to accept the government lies that these cuts are necessary to balance the budget, making YOU pay for the greed and fraud perpetrated the wealthy elites, while they continue to receive huge tax cuts?

Or, are you going to become involved in this movement and take control of your future?

  1. Jason Duluth
    March 15, 2011 at 2:11 PM

    finally the people are waking up
    thanks for the info on us uncut

  2. Spinner
    March 16, 2011 at 9:23 AM

    great job again. visited the uk uncut website and really like how uk uncut did its work. will be joining the philly event on sat.

  3. March 24, 2011 at 5:38 AM

    Generally I just visit blogs and retrieve my required information but this time the useful information that you posted in this post compelled me to reply here and appreciate your good work. Thanks for the informative tips shared here! Got only positive emotions and dozens of ideas that could be useful for my blog.
    Debt Relief

    • March 28, 2011 at 4:42 PM

      I appreciate the reply and can only hope that the nation will conytinue to show its displeasure at how the rich keep getting richer on our backs, and they still want more. Is there no limit to their greed?

  4. Snooker
    March 29, 2011 at 9:31 AM

    these people do not care if we have a well educated and healthy workforce. they care only about themselves. greed!!!

  5. February 28, 2012 at 12:05 PM

    This article was written before the start of the Occupy Movement.

    The Occupy Movement was a natural reaction to the economic realities that the money masters have subjected people to endure.

  6. Joshua Gavina
    June 2, 2012 at 11:57 AM

    Although the poor did not create the crisis, they used Equal Housing Opportunity to pressure the banks into creating the housing crisis by whining “How dare you deny loans (discriminate) to minorities (like blacks) because of their bad credit! We can’t have the American dream cuz you deny us credit? OH HELL NO!” Bankers: If you demand it, we’ll give you what you want and we’ll both benefit.

    Now the same people who cried out for subprime mortgage loans don’t want to pay the price for their foolishness, blaming the same people who gave the people what they wanted. Sure, the wealthy are doing corrupt things, but WHO is allowing them to pull it off? THE PEOPLE!

    • June 3, 2012 at 11:51 AM

      Dear Joshua,

      I disagree with your assessment of where most of the blame lies:

      Actually it was NOT the homeowners who have gamed the system. They are not the ones that started by tricking the property appraiser (lender’s agent) into submitting an outcome-based appraisal.

      The homeowners are not the ones who conned the “lenders” into dismissing all agency and fiduciary responsibility in the underwriting process….going so far as to force the “lenders” into forging documents.

      It was not the greedy homeowners forced the “lenders” to securitize the loan in such a fashion as to bifurcate the mortgage from the note.

      It was not the homeowners secretly cooked up the concept of “Credit Default Swaps” and forced the “lenders” to insure the collateral at the full (outcome based) value 30X over.

      After having successfully pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes – it was not the irresponsible homeowners showered themselves with well deserved bonuses.

      It was the irresponsible, reckless homeowners who lined the pockets of legislators and received enormous sums of taxpayer bailouts.

      Follow the money and you’ll find the culprit.

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